Hotel Particulier New York is a curatorial agency _  generating projects through conceptual series,  where emerging and established artists are invited to collaborate with specific and unique works across the contexts of art, fashion, experimental film, performance and sound. Under the artistic and curatorial direction of Frederique Thiollet, and with the collaboration of artists across multiple fields, the series are conceived as a testing ground to explore new undefined and transitive formats from the traditional modes of exhibition and commerce exposure. The series are reiterated in different locations with different contributors. Hotel Particulier developed out of a trans-disciplinary practice while generating many projects and exhibits since 2012 and originated as a physical space _located in an old loading dock at 4/6 Grand Street New York until 2015. The space allowed for rotating exhibits, experimental projects and many collaborations _  attracting a growing and faithful audience and collaborators ever since.

For any requests of information, partnership or consultancy, please email our bureau or contact our concierge to subscribe.

Our series (click below)

ARToRIAL(Melitta Baumeister_ Paul Jung / Katherine Mavridis _ Ellinor Stigle / Rare Market) / HOME UNIMPROV(John Sorensen-jolink) COMPsOUND (Courtney Smith _ Ivan Navarro) / AGENCY(WIP) / / DECODING SOCIETY (WIP)

Our past collaborations (click below)

Vestige (Glasser) / 36 Hours (Dis:play) /  Blowing Riccardo (MarieVic) / Mellowdrama (Ivan Navarro _ Courtney Smith)Uncollectable (+Aziz _ Bradley Pitts) Elsewhere (Andrew Dosunmu) / Not at Home (Beth Campbell) / The Chair Trance-formed (Justin Cooper _ Trong Gia Nguyen) / Collective Affection (Edgar Mosa)N'Chi (Jakob Dwight) / MadMaus (Christopher Lee Sauvé) Incorporeal (Olimpia Dior) Dynasty / Under ConstructionPaddle 8 (Grace Coddington) / Eyebeam (Matter that moves) / Staley-Wise Gallery(Les Vacances) / Tumblr _ Getty (Pre-Fashion Week) / Yale (Perspecta 46_Windham Campbell Prize) / Boudicca / The Elder Statesman (Fashion Week)New Museum (Lovett _ Codagnone) Journal (Press) 

 Visual by Matin Zad